須田 義和 Yoshikazu Suda

ドラマー、パーカッショニスト、コンポーザー  Drummer&Percussionist&Composer


  高校卒業後Pan School Of Musicに進学。スコットレイサム、斉藤 純、安達 彰義に師事。卒業後ミッキー吉野のプロジェクトに参加。



 Biography (Early life)

Yoshikazu Suda(born 1970) became interested in playing instruments under the influence of his father、playing the guitar in his childhood. He played a percussion instrument for the first time as a member of the elementary school marching band.

At the age of 15, he began playing the drums and entered ”The Pan School of Music”, studying Drum Performance as his major, in 1989. He learned to play drum kit and music theory at the school. While a student, he studied drums under Scott Latham, a band member of “MALTA”, Jazz drum under Jyun Saito, and percussion under Akiyoshi Adachi.

Since he graduated from Pan School of Music in 1991, he has been teaching drum techniques at KAWAI music school and NOAH music school, besides his performing activities.

The styles of R&B, Jazz, Funk and Brazilian are his forte, and he can also play the congas.


ミッキー吉野、ポール ジャクソン、スティックス フーパー、山崎まさよし、DJ WATARAI、SAKURA、Keison、Caravan、Leyona、Yancy、真琴つばさ、Eckko、Dixie Tantas、Theatre Brook等